Entertainment and Media Technology Marketing

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Entertainment and Media Technology Marketing
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Entertainment and Media Technology Marketing, Inc. provides a wide range of products and services.

  • Visual Effects Software Research and Development - RE:Vision Effects Inc award wining software tools for the visual effects and editing market
  • Video Production Tools -  DigitalTech Today
  • File Based Workflow - Consulting, design and implementation
  • Internet Broadcasting - Consulting for Internet Radio Stations and TV Broadcasts
  • High Speed Connectivity Consulting - 10 Mb/sec to 10 Gig we can help you secure high performance data and video transport at a cost effective price.
  • Hardware Expertise: Signal Processing, Test Equipment, Conversion, Control Panels and Control Software, FiberOptic Video Transport and processing, Digital Disk Recorders and Storage

Consulting and Project Management Services


All of us are aware of the pressure to be more productive, monitor costs and keep our eye on the bottom line. Every company has a list of tasks and activities that are on the board that some how never get underway. 

we would like to help, we are ready to tackle a project that has been on the wish list but there doesn’t seem to be anyone who can stop their day to day activity to tackle one more assignment. Entertainment and Media Technology Marketing can provide you with help on a short or long term basis. No need to add headcount, and the associated costs of fulltime employees.



Services Available:


Chief Listening Officer – As a neutral party we can collect data and information from the customers as to why they stay or go.  What is necessary from their point of view to keep or earn their business?

Business Development Projects – free up your day to day quota carrying sales folks to sell, hire us to tackle some long term initiatives, when they are at the sales stage they get turned over to the sales team. No conflict. Mission Accomplished!

Market Segmentation and analysis - Help your team to undertand where they fit in today's market, what the competition are doing, what are your advantages or weaknesses.

Customized Training - Does your team have the core knowledge to compete in todays fast moving marketplace, we can provide customized training seminars give you your team the edge they need.


 Let’s discuss your list of to-do items!


Please call today let us help you get more done now!


Sincerely yours,


Anthony Magliocco

Vice President of Business Development and Founder

Entertainment and Media Technology Marketing Inc.

Los Angeles, CA 90045

+ 1 424 835 1499

 anthony @ emtminfo dot com